Fluted Wall Panel

Fluted panel is one of the most trendy and sought-after wall design.Commonly used on the wall that will serve as the living room’s focal point with linear designs.

A fluted wall panel is made of engineered wood fibers with Polyethylene densities.As a product of wood fibers,it typically imitates the look of natural wood and usually comes in wooden finish.

However, with a combination of polystyrene materials ,Fluted Wall panel is resistant to mold,water and Termite.

Why Fluted Wall Panels?

1: Its natural earth tone finish is clean, calming, and relaxing to the eye.

2: Its exceptionally durable and resistant to any form of damage, water, termite, and mold

3: It adds texture and depth to walls making them an elegant aesthetic feature that works well with any styles.

4: It is Eco friendly and embodies nature.Its clean crisp and continuous lines offers sense of warmth and welcoming texture.

5: It has Low Maintenance cost which makes it favourabe for commercial and residential decorations.

6: They are not only for walls, Architects and interior designers also use them to serve as a partition wall.

7: You can repaint it to sooth any interior design ideas.

8: The grooves between each vertical slat, of a Fluted Panel reduces the number of sound waves that reflects off the walls.


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