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7 by 7 Duvet Set, No. 289

Quality Bed-Sheet and Duvet  with Lovely design made from High Quality  material, 100% cotton.

Neatly sewn!

Unique and durable!

Duvet is made with fiber not foam, we make use of 1 inch fiber in making in our duvets.

This comprises of 

One (1) 7 BY 7 Bed-sheet,

One (1) 7 BY 7 Duvet 


Four (4) Pillow case.

Bed Size: 7X7  ( 7 by 7) 

In Stock

Sku:NJA BEDSHEET 289-1-1-1

Original price was: ₦31,000.00.Current price is: ₦27,000.00.